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Our free advice on cloakrooms for rental companies

For your cloakroom, based on our customers' experience, we can give the following tips:

  • Combine double-layer garment rail racks with single layer ones. This will save a lot of space. Normally for every 10 double-layer garment rail racks we recommend 1 single one for tall coats.
  • Use collapsible garment rail racks, easy for transport.
  • Use mobile racks, this will save you up to 100 walks per garment rail rack. 
  • Use coathangers instead of fixed hooks. Coathangers will be quicker to use and will not decrease your capacity. If combined with mobile garment rail racks this solution will prove to be 10 times faster than a fixed installation. Your staff walks once for every 100 coats, instead of once per coat. 
  • Use a ticketmachine to control your takings and turnover. The average business loses 10-40% of its cloakroom turnover due to lack of organisation and sometimes theft. 
  • A ticketprinter will also help you to prevent lost items: every ticket is printed with the date, time, section letter and numbers. You can even use a specific section for expensive leather coats. 
  • Use sections to devide your cloakroom: fast and effective. Each section can carry a name or letter (A, B, C, D, etc.). Most of your customers will help to speed up cloakroom handlng by standing near the right section, if clearly indicated. Ticketprinters can print cloakroom receipts by section, so instead of looking for indefinite numbers you can now easily retrieve A23 or D125.
  • Use umbrella bags to hang umbrellas from coathangers. A quick and simple solution that avoids lost items and saves space.
  • Use a clear set of cloakroom rules. In case of lost items, this will limit your damages.
  • Always install two rows of garment rail racks next to eachother, followed by an an alley and then followed by two rows of racks again. This saves a lot of space.

And there's more... You can also find the most suitable system or download our free profit factsheet. Finally, you can make an appointment for a sitescan and a quote at your location.