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Create a great first impression with a welcoming, streamlined cloakroom!

We can help you to create a bespoke cloakroom tailored to your hospitality needs. Our high quality coat-racks, coat-hangers, ticket printers and expert advice will form the basis of your perfect cloakroom. Welcoming and efficient, our streamlined systems will keep you constantly informed about your guest numbers, turnover and cloakroom staffing needs.

Garderobe.nl has a worldwide reputation built on 15 years of outstanding international service. Would you like to join our more than 4000 satisfied customers and create a great first impression on your valued guests? Simply make an appointment with an advisor!

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  • Order before 20:30 and we'll ship today
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  • All products in stock
Ticketprinters For fast printing of tickets for cloakroom or entrance. more
Tickets Personalise your tickets and luggagetags with your own text, logo or image. more
Cloakroom tags Choose from our wide range of pre-printed paper and plastic numbers. more

Bespoke cloakrooms

Different clients need different cloakroom solutions. Each branch has its own specific challenges, for example:

  • unusually large numbers of visitors
  • peak-time crowd pressure at entry- and exit-points
  • an uncommitted temporary staff
  • insufficient control of turnover
  • a lack of space in which to organise a cloakroom properly

We can design a cloakroom tailored to your specific challenges and needs. Make an appointment directly.